Quality, Double Locking Ear Tags

That Will Save Lives and Protect Your Investment



Ear Tags haven’t changed much in the last twenty years because they performed a simple function: identify your stock. But now, with the advent of reflective ear tags, they are true multi-taskers.

By tagging your stock with reflective ear tags, you no longer have to worry about your cows getting hit by a car at night or in inclement weather. All of our tags are guaranteed for the life of the cow.

Reflective Ear Tags

Reflective Ear Tags

Our reflective surface is visible at night or adverse weather for up to 1500 feet. Everyone is sure to see your cows!

Patented Double Locking System

Double Locking System

The patented double locking system on all of our tags allow you to tag your cows just once.

Quality Durable Ear Tags

Quality, Durable Material

Our tags are made from the highest quality plastic that is durable and won’t snap in half. Each tag is UV resistant and can withstand extreme heat and cold.

Our ear tags are visible up to 1500 feet away in the dark.

50% of all reported livestock related car deaths involve cattle. With our reflective tags, we hope to end all accidental car deaths due to lack of visibility of the cattle. One rancher who used our tags went from 4 livestock accidents a year to zero by tagging his herd with our reflective ear tags.

Not only are you getting the highest quality ear tag on the market, you are taking an active role in saving lives in your community and protecting your livestock.

ViziTags at Night


“There’s not a cheaper or more effective way to reduce your liability and protect your herd as a rancher than using the ViziTagā„¢ product.”Randy Lancaster - Rancher in Southern Idaho

One Less Worry At Night

As clear as day, Vizitagsā„¢ are visible from 1500 feet away when illuminated by vehicle headlights... even in heavy rain and mist.

With our reflective ear tags, you can rest easy at night knowing you've done your part to protect not only your livestock but the people of your community.