About Key Ranch Solutions

Since you clicked “About Us,” we feel compelled to respond.

We live in an area surrounded by cows; and when we say cows we mean, of course, fenced-in cattle, free-range cattle, dairy farm cows, and more than our fair-share of cows staring at us in the middle of the highway.

As with most people zipping down the road at 65+ MPH, cows in the middle of the road make us very uncomfortable; especially after dusk when a herd can appear out of nowhere. In fact, such an event was the inspiration for Key Ranch Solutions.

Two of Ryan’s employees were driving a large truck on a well-traveled road one night, when a herd of Black Angus appeared in their headlights. Invisible against the dark horizon until it was too late, the driver was unable to stop, killing both men.

After this tragedy, Ryan met with his friend and associate Justin to find a way to prevent such accidents in the future. After extensive research, they found their answer in the reflective ear tag for cattle.

The reflective tag wasn’t available in the US, so Ryan and Justin formed Key Ranch Solutions to introduce them to this hemisphere. Offering them to the ranchers along their truck routes first, they have since made them available to everyone concerned with safety; for people and cows alike.